About Sorena

Activities of our company, by the name of Sorena, have started on production and packaging of Fresh Fruit and vegetables since 2010. The superior quality of our products, during this years, has depended on strict standards of Sorena in selecting organic and healthy ingredients. The world is invariably changing; therefore, originality in taste and loyalty to customers are regarded as two unalterable principles of Sorena.

Our Vision

Our aim is to empower local entrepreneurs and resource providers. we have strong regional talent & dedicated resources.

Our Mission

We do believe that all our attempts and energies should be used to provide health and hygiene to society. Sorena is committed to conduct activities which are to the benefit of its customers, consumers, staff, and shareholders. In other words, such activities are based on ethical and scientific principles. Sorena Company has made all its attempts to provide excellent products, which are charmingly packaged, in order to satisfy its customers. At present, Sorena has exported saffron to various countries ranging from Asia to Europe.

Our Core Strengths

Consistency of quality
Ability to react quality
Strong relationships with customers and suppliers
Our dedicated staff